Flowers & Fruits & Veggies & More at Heyser Farms

Heyser Farms always has a wide assortment of produce, plus other great products like honey, jams, all-natural milk and eggs, premium ice cream, fresh bread, and more all year. We also bake pies (using our fresh fruit!) and cookies, and sometimes our special black-bottom cupcakes too!

Depending on the season, we also offer a variety of trees, flowers and plants, including Weeks roses, and many kinds of mulch for all your garden and landscaping needs. Of course, Heyser Farms has an  abundant selection of fresh homegrown, local, and regional produceWe usually have seasonal fruit or vegetables before anyone else! We either grow it on our farm, our cousin's farm, or buy direct from farmers, either here in Maryland or nearby Pennsylvania usually. When you spend your food dollars at Heyser Farms you can rest assured you're supporting family farms and our local economy.

Heyser Farms also makes fresh sweet cider during the fall season and into winter. It's so good we've even won awards for it! (Part of our secret is our own Spencerville Red apple.) During the summer you can get our cider, pasteurized and in glass bottles so it won't spoil.